IAS RANK 145: Preeti Yadav, 3rd Attempt, Public Administration Optional

Preeti Yadav has secured Rank 145 in Civil Services Examination,2015. This was her 3rd attempt at the coveted exam.

Preeti has been associated with ForumIAS since the last two years and has helped many with her timely advices, comments and now, with her success.

ForumIAS would like to congratulate her for her spectacular success and wish her all the best for her life as an officer.

Given below is the transcript of her interview with forumias where she describes her journey, experiences and preparation strategy. We hope that it would be of immense help to everyone.


Your Name

Preeti Yadav

All India Rank in Civil Services Examination


Your ForumIAS User Name


Which attempt was this at Civil Services Examination?


Where do you hail from?

Varanasi , Uttar Pradesh

Tell us something about your family background

I belong to a middle class family.my father is a state government employee working as Jr.engineer, and my mother is homemaker.I am eldest among my siblings.

Your graduation or early education

Mechanical engineering from HBTI Kanpur.

Your Optional Subject

Public Administration

Your medium of Instruction in School?


Your medium of instruction in college?


Your medium of writing the Mains?


First, tell us something about yourself!

A person who wish to learn and improve herself with each passing moment.


What books/notes did you refer to for General Studies and CSAT for prelims?

Ncerts, newspaper on regular basis, one current magazine. Polity: laxmikanth. Economics: sriram ias notes.

How many questions did you attempt in GS in Prelims?


Do you think attempting more questions is the key to success in Prelims? Is there an ideal number of questions one should attempt? How did you decide to attempt those questions which you were not sure of?

One should practise both techniques while taking mock tests.and should analyse what could be the method for her. But one should not be too restricted while attempting questions.intelligent choices can be made by rejecting few options.

What was your score in UPSC Prelims?


How much was the variation in your official Prelims score in comparison to that of coaching keys?

Not much.


When did you start preparing for Mains Examination?

It was done side by side.but more focus on optional after prelims exam.

How did you cover Current Affairs?

Newspapers (2) on daily basis and a current affairs magazine to prevent missing out of any topic.

Full Preparation: The Conquering of GS 1

As most of the portion of this paper is static in nature, so covering basics books like ncerts and revising them many times is beneficial. Baliyan handmade notes are also of good quality to cover history in a crisp manner.

Full Preparation: The Conquering of GS 2

Newspaper along with one basic book.watching rajya sabha tv and AIR shows can help to gain different perspectives.

Full Preparation: The Conquering of GS 3

Newspapers(two i.e one the Hindu or IE and other any economy related newspaper). Shankar Ias environment notes.online available materials.government websites.

Full Preparation: The Conquering of GS 4

Lexicon.Tried to incorporate real life examples.

Full Preparation: The Conquering of ESSAY

Reading as much as possible.some good reads can be Yojana, famous books by Amartya sen if possible.

Full Preparation: The Conquering of Optional Subject


How many questions did you attempt in GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS4?

Left 1-2 questions in gs 1,2,3 and attempted all in gs4.

Which Essays did you attempt in the Mains Examination?

Dreams which do not allow india to sleep. Lending hand of support is better than giving doles.

Did you use the headings/subheading in an Essay?


Did you underline the important statements in Essay?

Yes few words per page.

What went wrong in your previous attempt(s)? Which changes did you make in this attempt?

Poor marks in my optional public administration was one of the major reason.I tried to analyse my mistakes took guidance of mr.Ashutosh Pandey sir to improve paper 2 especially.Below average marks in my first interview was also a factor.

Did you write your answers in bullet points or in paragraphs?

Both, as and when needed.

Did you make any diagrams along with your answers in any of the GS papers?

In some questions, especially in geography related

Did you give examples in most of your answers? Also did you mention any points from govt. reports like ARC, Punchhi Commission etc. in your answers?


What was that one smart move you think you made in the exam which you would like others to know.

Never shy away from analysing your mistakes.it may be painful but the best way to remove your weakness is to face it.


Did you join any coaching classes for Prelims or Mains? If yes, which one?

Yes for prelims.

How far do you think is coaching necessary for preparing for Prelims and Mains Examination?

Coachings do provide guidance and other initial help.since all aspirants do not have a guide.so if proper discretion is practised by aspirants they can get benefitted. But coachings are not at all compulsory to get success.

Did you join any test series for Prelims and Mains? If yes, please mention the name and also how useful it was.

Yes for mains.in synergy.joining test series helps to gain confidence, time managment, and to improve upon mistakes.

Did you practice answer writing for mains? If yes, please mention the approach you followed.

Yes.i focussed to incorporate maximum dimensions in my answers.


Which Interview Board did you face?

Mr. Vinay Mittal sir.

How long was your interview?

30 min approx.

Can you tell us briefly about your interview experience?

It was d.a.f based. Few current affairs based question.board is very cordial.

What did you wear for the Interview?

Simple cotton salwar kameez and dupatta.

What qualities do you think are being tested in the Interview? Some strict Do’s and Dont’s for the Interview for aspirants and Interview candidates?

They check confidence , awareness, and honesty.one should try to maintain positive body language and should show utmost respect towards board as they are very senior people.and no bluffing.

What magazines /newspapers did you refer to for preparing Current Affairs?

The Hindu
Indian express
Buisness line( just a glance)

Did you attend any mock interview sessions at the coaching classes? If yes, were they beneficial?

Yes.They do help.

Do you think marks in school or college can impact one’s score in the Interview?

Not much, one should not become depressed while thinking about these issues.

Was there any improvement in your interview marks this year as compared to previous year(s) (if applicable)? If yes, what changed did you incorporate this time?

Yes a drastic change.
I tried to be more calm confident and analysed my past experience to improve.




How far did you use the Internet for your Preparation? Do you think in the changed UPSC pattern, today an aspirant can prepare wholly by referring sources from the Internet?

A lot.

How far did ForumIAS.com help you as a social network, as a sharing platform for you Prelims, Mains & Interview Preparation (and the excruciating period between the exam and results to chill out with co-aspirants and other successful candidates)?

Forumias has been great companion in this journey.many of my queries got resolved herE in no time.and it kept me updated throughout the preparation.

What is the best thing you like about ForumIAS?

Kind of quick help it provides.

Do you use any other websites for your preparation? Is yes, name them.

Yes.pib, mrunal, insightsonindia.


Congratulation for making it. Is there any message you would like to give to IAS Aspirants who look up to you?

Do your part with all zeal and you are bound to succeed.learn from your mistakes and make them your powerful weapons to achieve anything you want.

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