[Guide] How to Prepare for Indian Forest Service Examination?

ForumIAS Academy Students have secured Rank 1 in IFoS 2017, 2018 and 2019 – three times in a row! They have also secured Rank 2 – 2 times in a row – Abhishek Surana, IFS Rank 2, 2017 and Arushi Mishra, Rank 2, 2018.

Indian Forest Service is among the three All India Services – the other two being Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service.

An IFoS Officer, like his equivalents in the IAS and IPS, occupies the top position in a district, with a rank equivalent to a DM who is an IAS, an SP, who is an IPS Officer.

The Union Public Service Commission is the common body responsible for conducting the entrance examination for both (a) the Civil Services for the IAS, IPS and other allied services and (b) Indian Forest Service.

This is a comprehensive guide that has been prepared by ForumIAS that will help aspirants prepare for the Indian Forest Service Examination.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) Previous Year Question Papers

 IFS Prelims Question Papers 

General Studies for IFS Main Exam:

Optional Subjects for IFS Main Exam:

Special Thanks goes to IFoS Toppers from ForumIAS – Vipul Pandey, Neha Srivastava and other members from ForumIAS.

Our first IFoS Officer to get selected was Rajkumar M in 2012 and ever since we have more than active 10-15 IFoS Toppers from ForumIAS every year.

This Guide has been divided into the below parts for the reader’s convenience:

  1. About the IFS – History, Career & Myths – This article will tell you about the Indian Forest Service, the Nature of Job, Career and Promotion prospects, and myths about IFoS
  2. Exam Overview – A Brief Overview of the Examination Syllabus, Papers to be attempted and total marks to be gained.
  3. How to prepare GK Paper for IFS/ IFoS – The General Knowledge Paper of IFS / IFoS is not the same GS Paper of Civil Services Examination. Learn what you should ( and should not ) do.
  4. English for IFS/IFoS – Analysis and Preparation – How to prepare for English Paper in the Indian Forest Service.
  5. How to choose Optionals – The Key to Cracking IFoS – Like most people who crack Forest Service do not have any background in the Optional subject, choosing the Optional Key. Vipul Pandey writes how to do that.
  6. How to prepare Geology Optional for IFS – Preparation Guide for Geology Optional for Indian Forest Service
  7. How to prepare Forestry Optional for IFS – Preparation Guide for Forestry Optional for Indian Forest Service
  8. Things to know about the walking Test – Walking Test is prerequisite for clearing the IFS Examination. The walking test is a strenuous exercise and should not be attempted without preparation. Learn how to prepare for the walking Test.

IFS Toppers Interview

ForumIAS Members who have topped the Indian Forest Services Examination share how they prepared.

  1. IFS Rank 1 : Rishi Prelims Strategy : Rishi, a ForumIAS Academy Offline Student shares his brief strategy for IFS Preparation – especially Prelims.
  2.  IFS AIR 52 Forumias Mgp student – Sai teja: Swot Analysis Approach To Ace Pre +Mains from Sai Teja
  3. IFS 2018 Rank 2 – Arushi Mishra Video Strategy : Arushi, who cleared DSP in UPPCS and secured Rank 2 in IFS 2018, says that “Result is a process”. She is a graduate of IIT Roorkee and an offline student of ForumIAS Academy.
  4. IFS 2017 Rank 2 – Abhishek Surana Detailed Strategy : Abhishek Surana in this video has given detailed strategy for preparation of Indian Forest Service. He was an offline students of ForumIAS Academy, secured Rank 2 in IFS. Next year, he secured Rank 10 in IAS 🙂 Dreams are made of these.
  5. IFS 2015 Rank 46 – Preparation Strategy and Sources by Avinash:  Avinash is an avid ForumIAS follower and secured Rank 46 in the Indian Forest Service Examination. He has shared in this interview how he prepared for Indian Forest Service.
  6. IFS 2015 Rank 12 – Neha Srivastava – Interview – Neha is a very active ForumIAS follower. She goes by the name “msnocturnal90” and has got rank 12. She is one of our regular users and has shared her IFS preparation strategy and notes.
  7. IFS 2015 Rank 49 – Vipul Pandey – Success Story – Vipul Pandey is an active contributor on ForumIAS. He has got rank 48 in IFS this year. He has shared his preparation strategy in detail with IFS aspirants.
  8. IFS 2014 – ForumIAS Member Guidance Thread – This thread was created by IFS toppers and has lot of guidance available those thinking of preparing for Indian Forest Service.

Download Resources

  • Download Aishwarya Raj’s Forestry Notes – Click here
  • Download Rishav Gupta’s Forestry Notes – Click here
  • Download Geology Slides for Preparation – Click here
  • Download Abhijeet Aggarwal’s Physics & Chemistry Notes – Click here

External Links / Blogs

Strategy for Interview Preparation for IFS by Rishav Gupta – Click here

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