IISc scientists develop novel approach to detect and kill cancer cells

Source: The post is based on the article “IISc scientists develop novel approach to detect and kill cancer cells”  published in The Hindu on 12th September 2023

What is the News?

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) scientists have developed a new approach to potentially detect and kill cancer cells.

What have scientists developed to detect and kill cancer cells?

Scientists have created hybrid nanoparticles made of gold and copper sulphide.

These hybrid nanoparticles have unique properties: 

– Kills Cancer cells: These hybrid nanoparticles can create heat and release toxic oxygen when illuminated with light, effectively targeting and killing cancer cells.

– Diagnose certain cancers: These nanoparticles can help diagnose certain cancers. Existing methods such as standalone CT and MRI scans require trained radiology professionals to decipher the images.

– The photoacoustic property of the nanoparticles allows them to absorb light and generate ultrasound waves, which can be used to detect cancer cells with high contrast once the particles reach them.

– Scans created from the generated ultrasound waves can also provide better clarity and can be used to measure the oxygen saturation in the tumour, boosting their detection.

Size of these Hybrid Nanoparticles: The hybrid nanoparticles are less than 8 nm in size.They can potentially travel inside tissues easily and reach tumours.

– The researchers believe that the nanoparticles’ small size would also allow them to leave the human body naturally without accumulating.

– However, extensive studies need to be carried out to determine if they are safe to use inside the human body. 

– In the current study, the researchers tested their nanoparticles on lung cancer and cervical cancer cell lines in the lab.They now plan to take the results forward for clinical development.

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