Illegal Construction on Bank of River Ganga

Source: PIB


The National Green Tribunal(NGT) in its judgment on M.C. Mehta vs Union of India and ors. Case offered an interim measure to restrict illegal construction on the Bank of River Ganga.

NGT Guidelines for plain areas
  • The judgment held that an interim measure of at least 100 m from the middle of the river would be treated and dealt with as an ‘Eco-sensitive and prohibited zone’.
    • No activity whether permanent or temporary in nature will be permitted to be carried on in this zone, including camping.
  • The area up to 200 meters shall be the prohibited area in the plain terrain and more than 200 meters and less than 500 meters would be treated as the regulatory zone.
    • The regulatory activity shall be notified by the State and till that time there shall be no construction activity permitted in that area.
NGT Guidelines for hilly areas
  • The area falling within 50 meters from the edge of the river in the hilly terrain, no construction would be permitted, nor any other activity carried out, and it shall be treated as ‘Eco-sensitive and prohibited zone’.
  • Beyond 50 meters and up to 100 meters in the hilly terrain shall be treated as Prohibitory Zone.
  • The area beyond 100 meters and less than 300 meters would be treated as the regulatory zone in the hilly terrain.


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