Importance of Internal Security and Disaster Management for UPSC : by IPS Officer Lohit Matani

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With the growing challenge of global terrorism and local forms of naxalism and insurgency, ‘internal security’ has become a major concern for India. Following the global trend, UPSC also adopted ‘internal security’ as one of the topics in its syllabus of General Studies Paper 3. Internal security challenges for India has increased multi fold from local issues like naxalism and north-east insurgency to global issues like terrorism and a very disturbing recent trend of radicalisation of youth. As the security dimensions for India are increasing day by day, the importance of the topic is also increasing.

If we see the CSE(Main) Examination, 2016 paper, we will find 75 marks questions from the topics of ‘Internal Security’ and ‘Disaster Management’. Moreover, essays from both the parts (part A and B) were from the topic of Internal Security. For your reference, I am rephrasing the two topics below:

  1. “If development is not engendered, it is endangered.” (derived from the topic “Development and Extremism”)
  2. “Cyberspace and Internet: Blessing or curse to the human civilization in the long run.” (derived from the topic “Cyber Security”)

Apart from this, around 60 marks case studies are expected from the topic of Internal Security, Disaster Management and the work profile of an IPS officer. Moreover, at least 1/5th of the civil service personality test is expected to be based on the role of an IPS officer. Thus, the topic of Internal Security is very important for the Civil Service Examination. No serious candidate can afford to neglect it.

In this article, I hope I have made an attempt to make you realize the importance of “Internal Security and Disaster Management” for the UPSC CSE examination. I also hope that you will find my book useful. In case of any difficulty, I would love to interact over my email

Lohit Matani is an Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer, serving in Maharastra Cadre. He has deep interest in, and specializes in Internal Security & Disaster Management. He is a published author and a blogger. You can reach him on Facebook or on his blog here or buy his book on Internal Secuity by clicking here.
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