IMPORTANT : About temporary disruption in Services from ForumIAS


Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that due to sealing activities ongoing in Delhi, we have been rendered homeless as of now.

You can read about it here

So as of today, we have nowhere to go and we are currently operating from a Truck parked in a godown and houses of some ForumIAS Members. Five trucks to be exact.

This has, honestly, kind of destroyed us as of now, as it was without warning, and there was no notice of eviction from the landlord until 48 hours ago.

We thank you for the tremendous support and courage you have shown . We have been conducting some Tests for the SFG ( Select Focus Group ) for Prelims 2018, and you can see close to 500 students writing the test in the common area of legendary Vivekanand Park of Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.

So, while our Interview Appearing Students are found jogging around , getting fit for the Personality Test – the last leg of Civil Services Examination 2018 – a few hundred students write the Tests under the tree – and under the Sun – in what Rabindranath Tagore would call – the Shanti Niketan. ( Watch Video here )

We”ll be back, we promise.

This has been difficult times for us, and we have to make some difficult decisions in the coming days. We shall try to restore services by February 1. The latest that we should have a roof is February 5

  • For Current Affairs Students & CGP Stucents : There will be no classes till February 1, 2018. You will be informed of the due schedule in the first week of February itself. If any of you are planning to take a break and visit home, this should be the ideal time, because classes will resume and things will be more hectic after this.
  • For MGP Students : The Center Availability will only happen in the first Week of February. The courses will meanwhile be available on the online format. All classes will be suspended at least till February 1
  • For Prelims Test Series Students : The tests will be available in the online mode as of now. We shall inform you of a Test Paper Collection and OMR Center before this weekend, so that you can take the test paper and write it and submit the OMR. However, we may not be able to find a seating place for you till February 1 or 5
  • Interview Candidates : Interview in the offline mode will continue to take place. Please get in touch with Jincy, Asif, Vinay or Aditya for the same. You can reach them on their email address.

Fees of Programs : 

  • A lot of you had written to us about the increasing fees of our programs. We did our best to accommodate your requests and had recently reduced the fees to the minimum possible. However, the fees for all our programs – PTS and MGP are expected to rise by about 20% keeping in the new realities. Please note that the increase in fees shall be only to cover the cost of running the program. This is going to be difficult year for us. We need to preserve ourselves before we can help you.

We assure you that we will back with full vigour, with even more determination, and we will work harder than ever before to meet your expectations.

We are trying to see these times of adversity as a time of challenge for us. The times that separate the chaff from the grain.

Challenges like these make life interesting. And human. 

But we shall overcome.

And that won’t be possible without your support, with which you have been kind enough.

Wishing you success,


P.S. We are no longer available at our old address as of now. We shall inform you of our new address as soon as we have one. Till then, we shall be available at,, and in your hearts.

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