IMPORTANT : Open Session for Those who did not clear the Mains Examination | Sunday, 30th December, 2 PM

What causes some people to crack the final list every year, some people to crack the Mains every year and some people to crack the Prelims every year?

And by corollary, why do some people fail to clear Prelims every year, some people crack Prelims but fail to crack Mains every year, and yet some people who crack Mains every year, but fail to make it to the final list.

There are also people who crack Allied services every year but are unable to break under 100 Ranks. And this year and the last, we also have seen candidates who have secured a service in  Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Forest Service, Indian Police Service –  and have resigned or not taken up the jobs, to secure a better ranks and choices.

Every man thinks to the level of his own deprivation.

Deprivations occur in a hierarchy 

  • Most people who have not cleared more than one Prelims, think clearing Prelims is very challenging.
  • Most of the people who have cleared Prelims and written more than 2-3 Mains find cracking Prelims not very challenging.
  • Most people who have appeared for 2+ Interviews think it is not so difficult to get an Interview call, but getting into final list is a challenge
  • Most of the people who have made it to final list more than 2 times, think it is not very difficult to make it to final list , but getting into Top 50 is challenging.

What is challenging and what is not – depends on where you see things from.

As the Civil Services Mains 2018 results are declared, we may be on either lines of it – preparing for the personality test or fading into the oblivion for the next few months.

There are a few specific reasons why people fail to Clear Mains / score low in Mains


This Sunday, on 30th, at 2PM, we meet in New Delhi to discuss the following

  • Why some people clear Prelims every year and yet flunk in Mains
  • What are the common mistakes people make
  • Does marks plateau over attempts?
  • Why does it become more and more difficult to increase marks over successive attempts.
  • How can we resolve these problems?

This Sunday, let us meet and sit down and discuss these issues, and maybe come up with a solution?

For Registration for the session: CLICK HERE




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