Important: Orientation for Interview Preparation on Tuesday 5PM – Register Now

Dear Friends,

We will be organizing an Orientation Session for the Interview Appearing Candidates on January 16th at 5 PM. This meet is being organized keeping in the mind the large number of candidates from ForumIAS Community who will be appearing for their first Interview.

A lot of things from the session December 6, will be repeated so old players + those who attended that session, can skip the event and make way for others who did not attend the event and are new to Interview Preparation.

The Candidates for whom this will be most useful are:

– Candidates who will be appearing for their first Interview

– Candidates who have been unable to diagnose reasons for low score in past years.

Agenda of the meet will be broader than the meet held on December 6. Here it is:

– To come up with DAF Preparation Startegy

– To handle questions on Why IAS, Job Gap, etc.

– To identify coachings from where to take mocks and where to avoid

– To form community groups based on State and Hobby

– Doubt Removal Session for People who have doubts with respect to Interview Preparation.

Candidates must submit their details here so that we know who is coming


Wishing you success,



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