Important Update for Mains 2017 : Revision Classes

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Dear Friends,

We ran a successful Mains Guidance Program 2016.

With our experience, we have found that there are a lot of students, who may not have done any foundation course or any coaching for Mains , due to lack of time, or financial resources, lack in content in their answers.

In the past years, we have observed that, due to extreme focus on current affairs, candidates have not even done any static part of the syllabus at all. This includes even terms directly mentioned in the syllabus.

Even last year, many candidates missed the questions on

  • Seven Sins given by Gandhi
  • Rawls concept of Social Justice
  •  Kautilya’s view on administrative corruption.  etc.

These terms are commonly know usually by old timers, but people who have joined preparation in last 1-2 years are ignorant of such things.

We plan to hold Revision Classes for Mains 2017 at our Offline Center – 1, New Delhi.

We plan to run these revision classes for both Static Parts of the Syllabus + Current Affairs.

The goal will be to ensure that with respect to Current Affairs:-

  • Entire spectrum of issues of past 2-3 years is identified and covered.
  • The issues are simplified so that it is easy for candidates to reproduce them in answers
  • The issues covered are relevant and appear in the exam (They do, if you make a good list of issues and do it well )
  • Current Affairs Issues and the perspectives is covered beyond the Hindu, i.e. PIB + Times of India + Express  so that there is some novelty in answers.
  • The goal is to also help candidates differentiate their answers from answers written by the majority, which has happened as a result of everyone reading from the same sources
  • Lastly, the goal is to do this in a minimum possible time, without eating into your daily schedule.
  • With Current Affairs, you can be rest assured that we shall cover everything well.

The goal with respect to Static Part of the syllabus

  • The goal here will be to cover topics, which are not there in the Prelims , such as World History , Post Independence History , Social Issues ( Paper 1) and Polity Issues which are not there in Laxmikant ( such as the evolution of the party politics, office of President, Governor etc ) Paper 2 , full spectrum of International Relations , which is again overlooked during prelims
  • Again, in Ethics, we have seen that our students who implemented some of the content that we provided/directed towards, did well. ( Score of 134, 129 etc )
  • While in Top 100, we may have Sushil ( rank upgrade case into IAS ), Prajit Nair ( Increase in score by 100 marks ),  there are dozens of candidates from MGP, outside 100 ranks where we have Ambrish ( 4th attempt, no selection to IPS this year ) , MD47 on forum etc.
  • These results were achieved more through following a good structure in answer writing, including introduction and conclusion. But we did feel the lack of content in lot of answers, even those who have been able to make it to the list but not top 100.
  • As the paper is expected to be more analytical and specific in the coming year(s) , compared to open ended that has been the trend since 2012, we would like to bridge some of this knowledge gap through revision classes.
  • Again, candidates, waste a lot of time in topics like World History , Post Independence History. We plan to cover these topics well so that they are etched in the memory and students don’t waste time struggling over these topics
  • We also plan to cover topics, such as say Napoleon, which are intrinsic part of World History , but are inadequately covered both in NCERT ( barely mentioned )  as well as Norman Lowe – the primary books for World History preparation. We know that these will come in the exam eventually – this year or next year.
  • We will also completely cover the Second ARC important reports in these classes.

Who can benefit from this course

  • This course is recommended for all those candidates who are writing their first or second Mains.
  • Again, candidates who have never taken classes before are invited to take this up, as they are likely to benefit from it.
  • Candidates who have taken some foundation classes already and are going to writing their 3rd or 4rth Mains in 2017 are recommended not to enroll for this course.
  • Students who are planning to write the exam in 2018, and do not plan to take any expensive coaching can hugely benefit from this class, as the classes will help set the basic framework for preparation. Subsequently, they will be able to augment this course will additional reading and be fully prepared for Mains 2018.

Your suggestions

  • We need your suggestions on what classes / topics you would want to cover through these revision classes.
  • For example, we would exclude Modern History , since you have already done it for Prelims ( though you may not be adequately prepared to write a subjective answer ) etc.
  • The classes will begin from July 10th , 2017 and will only be available in offline mode as of now.
  • Please send us your suggestions to or at the Test Center that we have.
  • The timings of the class will be from 5PM to 7:30PM ( evenings )


  • We will keep the prices of the course to a bare minimum, at about Rs. 200 / class.

We will update you with final Class Plan and Schedule in the next 3-4 days. The details will also be available at the Test Center.



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