Improper Comments on Bangladesh will impact India Bangladesh ties

Synopsis: India Bangladesh ties are highly sensitive and based on Mutual trust and respect. Disregarding any nation by words or action by Indian leaders will be detrimental to the consolidation of bilateral ties.


  • Recently, the Indian Home minister made derogatory statements with reference to Bangladesh.
    • The home minister described illegal Bangladeshi immigrants as vermin. He even mentioned that he would push them into the Bay of Bengal.
  • Such actions of political figures in India will have potential ramification in consolidating bilateral ties with Bangladesh
Issues and Challenges in India-Bangladesh ties
  • There are inevitable bilateral problems between India and Bangladesh of long duration. For example,
    • A perennially favourable balance of trade for India
    • Drought and flood in the 54 transboundary rivers flowing from India to Bangladesh
    • The smuggling of goods and vulnerable human beings across the approximately 4,100-kilometre land border.
    • Presence of militant Islamist groups such as Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami, that have linkages and support from outside Bangladesh.
Significance of Bangladesh to India
  • The Bangladeshi government under Sheikh Hasina has been so supportive to India. For instance,
    • She has maintained vigilant supervision over Muslim fundamentalist terrorists as well as on Northeast militant movements sheltering in Bangladesh.
    • She has improved connectivity between India and its Northeast by land, river and the use of Bangladeshi ports.
  • Indian investments in Bangladesh have been encouraged. Moreover, around 100,000 Indian nationals now live and work in Bangladesh.
Suggestions to improve India Bangladesh ties:
  • First, India should view the developments in Bangladesh with gratification. For example,
    • Bangladesh will shift from ‘least developed’ to ‘developing country’ status by 2026.
    • Bangladesh has made steady progress in human development indicators
  • Second, responsible individuals from both countries must be actively discouraged from words and actions detrimental to the consolidation of the existing friendship.

Source: The Hindu

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