In defence of the Individual : 

In defence of the Individual :


  • The recent order of the National Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) penalizes a popular TV channel for misrepresenting a poet in its news bulletins.


  • The role of institutions in ensuring individual freedom.
  • The role of media in deciding the image of an individual with a public life.

What is the current state of Individual freedom?

  • Not allowed to speak against the religious beliefs.
  • For the institution of the nation state, the individual remains suspect.
  • The term ‘individual’ is still vogue.
  • An interpretation in needed on this regard.

What was the view of Marx on individualism?

  • According to Marx, capitalism robs a person of her individuality.
  • One can assert her individuality when the abilities to hear, see, taste, touch, see, speak, think, imagine or create are provided.
  • Capitalism denies people the resources essential for growth and to evolve as an individual.
  • Marx was a critic of the political economy.

What is the modern way of enslavement?

  • The nation state has become an agency of the economy to subjugate the self.

What is the Supreme Court’s verdict on privacy?

  • The Court reminded the state as well as the people that individuals are not the creatures of the state.

What is the criticism on individuality?

  • It is autonomous and powerful
  • A person is not merely a serviceable entity, either for the economy or for the nation state.
  • She can work as per own wisdom and seek greater space for herself.
  • The idea of individuality had to be refined by education, literature, art, and science.
  • The works of teachers, poets, writers, artists, scientists have to produce or make available for common people to avoid misinterpretation.
  • To keep individualism alive the constitutional safeguards must function properly.
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