In-depth analysis of CSE MAINS 2022 Papers by ForumIAS

Dear Students,

As UPSC CSE pattern keeps on changing year by year, the best strategy to understand it is by in depth analysis of question papers. Besides highlighting the trend, it is the true guide for preparation. In order to decipher the dynamism of evolving trends in CSE pattern ForumIAS is coming up with analysis of this CSE 2022 Mains question papers on the following dates:

17-Sep-20225:00 PMEssay
18-Sep-20225:00 PMGS Paper-1
19-Sep-20225:00 PMGS Paper-2
20-Sep-20225:00 PMGS Paper-3
21-Sep-20225:00 PMGS Paper-4

 So, take the advantage of experts of the field and experience for yourself the trends in the exam.

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Wishing you Success,
ForumIAS Academy

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