India Aims to target over 100 Billion “Blue Economy” Through Deep Ocean Mission and Ocean Resources

Source: PIB 

What is the News? 

The Union Minister of Earth Sciences has said that in the years to come, India aims to target over 100 billion “Blue Economy” through its Deep Ocean Mission (DOM) and ocean resources. 

About Deep Ocean Mission: 

  • Deep Ocean Mission aims to explore the deep ocean for resources. Also, for sustainable use of ocean resources, it aims to develop deep-sea technologies. 
  • Nodal Ministry: The mission will be implemented by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). 
  • Benefits: The mission will have far-reaching benefits for the common man. For example, it could help in providing clean drinking water and explore the avenues of desalination of water as well as extracting minerals from the ocean belt. 

Research Activities of Ministry of Earth Sciences: The Ministry of Earth Sciences carries out its research & development activities under five major umbrella schemes. 

  • Ocean Services, Modelling, Application, Resources and Technology (O-SMART): It was approved by the Government of India in 2018. It aims at stepping up ocean research and setting up early warning weather systems. 
  • The atmosphere and Climate Research – Modelling, Observing Systems and Services(ACROSS): It aims to provide reliable weather and climate forecast for the betterment of society. It also aims at improving the skill of weather and climate forecast through sustained observations, intensive R&D. 
  • Polar and Cryosphere Research(PACER): It aims to study various aspects relating to Polar and Cryosphere with special emphasis on the Antarctic, Arctic, Southern Ocean, and the Himalayas.  
  • Seismology and Geosciences(SAGE): It deals with sustaining and strengthening seismological observation systems to monitor and provide information on earthquakes and related issues. 
  • Research, Education, Outreach and Training(REACHOUT): It provides support to academic/research organizations in various sectors of Earth System Sciences including technology development. 
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