India and China should come together in bonding with and development of Africa

India and China should come together in bonding with and development of Africa


  1. Both China and India should collaborate for development of Africa and for their own benefit.

Reasons for collaboration:

2. China announced, in September 2018, a $60 billion package for Africa’s development during Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) meeting, (a triennial assemblage of African and Chinese leaders), in addition to $60 billion pledged at the previous summit in South Africa three years ago.

3. India offered $10 billion concessional credit to Africa in 2015 for implementing developmental projects in Africa.

4. If India and China are serious about African development they should co-link their developmental strategies in Africa.

5. Even in Wuhan informal summit between India and China it was decided that China and India would coordinate their approaches for engaging a third country or set of countries, which includes jointly pursuing ‘China-India Plus X’ model in engaging with Africa.

6. There is a need to include other “like-minded partners” in Africa’s development also like Russia, who has already launched an initiative to bond with Africa.

7. A common and consensual developmental strategy for Africa involving all concerned players can exploit complementarities of all countries and outdo the limitations of sporadic and disaggregated strategies of individual players

8. A common strategy will benefit India, China, Russia and Africa more as their investments will not compete against each other.

9. But someone, preferably a post-Wuhan India, should bring other emerging economies at the table for development of Africa and initiating a structural shift of global significance towards Africa.

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