India and the U.K.: Crafting a new legacy

Context: India-UK relationship has been on an upward trajectory, exemplified by conclusion of Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. The agreement established a 2030 Roadmap of India-U.K. relations.  

What are the areas of cooperation between India and the U.K.? 

In her recent visit, the U.K. Foreign Secretary highlighted the importance of countering Russian aggression and developing ties between Britain and India in the Indo-Pacific region.

There were talks on defence related trade deals, cyber security, and plans to hold First Strategic Tech Dialogue.  

India is a key strategic partner of the U.K. in the Indo-Pacific as highlighted by the Defence and International Security Partnership between Indian and the U.K, signed in 2015.  

The U.K. has also confirmed British investment funding to support renewable energy in India.  

In January, India and the U.K. concluded the first round of talks for an India-U.K. Free Trade Agreement. An early harvest deal is expected.  

What are the new areas of cooperation? 

British and Indian PM met on the sidelines of COP26 in Glasgow and focused on India-U.K. Climate Partnership. He is also expected to visit in April end.  

New areas of cooperation are – fintech, market regulation, sustainable and green finance, cybersecurity. For instance – collaboration of Oxford-AstraZeneca and Serum Institute of India 

Way forward

As India seeks to carve out a new role for itself in the evolving global order as a ‘leading power’ and the U.K. recalibrates its strategic lookout post Brexit, this is a unique moment for India-U.K. ties.

It is time to lay the foundations of a partnership that can respond adequately to the challenges of the 21st century.  

Source: This post is created based on the article “India and the U.K.: Crafting a new legacy” published on 12/April/2022 in The Hindu. 

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