India and UK join hands to help small island nations build climate resilient infrastructure

What is the News?

India and the UK have launched the Infrastructure for Resilient Island States(IRIS) Initiative.

What is Infrastructure for Resilient Island States(IRIS) Initiative?

IRIS is the first major initiative under the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI).

Aim: To make critical infrastructure in the SIDS (Small Island Developing States) resilient against all kinds of disasters.

As part of the initiative, the Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) will create a special “data window” for SIDS (Small Island Developing States).

This window will provide SIDS countries timely information about cyclones, coral-reef monitoring, coast-line monitoring through the satellite. This will strengthen their fences against climate disasters.

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Other Initiatives launched at COP26

Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda: The aim of this agenda is to make clean technologies the most affordable, accessible and attractive choice for all globally in each of the most polluting sectors by 2030.

Around 35 countries have signed up this agenda including the US, India, EU, developing economies and some of those most vulnerable to climate change 

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