“India as a democratic superpower

News: India is the world’s third-largest economy, at least in purchasing power terms. Further, it has been argued that India has emerged as a democratic superpower capable of providing the leadership that the world needs.

What are the geopolitical and other challenges in front of the international community? 

Russia has launched an unprovoked war against Ukraine. It is a war against Ukraine’s existence as a free and independent country. 

Russia wants to correct what he sees as the greatest geo-political disaster of the last century. It aims to restore Greater Russia. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a step in that direction. 

China has grown itself based on China-centred globalisation over the past couple of decades. It has started asserting itself. It may endanger the free, and safer world order 

The ongoing saga in Ukraine will boost the morale of China. China would be inspired to take Taiwan. China wants to become the world’s top country. 

Further, Beijing and Moscow have minted a “no limits” partnership. This is going to be the greatest geopolitical threat 

How can India leverage the opportunities presented by the global geopolitics today?

India is a member of Quad. The group has been organized to resist Chinese aggression. And Australia is the key member in this pursuit. 

There is a need to reduce dependence on China. It could threaten the national security. 

India has the opportunity to substitute China. India can become a trustworthy trade partner with fellow democracies. The Australia-India trade deal can play a major role in this direction.  

India should extend the “make in India” campaign to all the consumer lines and the intermediate goods currently made in China. The Indian economy is a vibrant free market, has a booming tech sector, and a large population base to support the economic activities.  

Countries like India having democratic values in common can promote free and fair trade across the world.  

India gained its freedom through moral suasion and peaceful protest, through satyagraha. After 75 years of independence, India does not have to be anyone’s junior partner in the international community. India can act as the leader of the free world. India should support free countries and free people.  

India shares traditional friendship with Russia. It has earned palpable goodwill among the ordinary Russians. Therefore, India is uniquely placed to exercise moral leadership and appeal to Russian leadership. 

Way forward

As per Ex-Australian PM, India has emerged as a democratic superpower, and can provide much needed leadership to the world at present.

Source: The post is based on an article “India as a democratic superpower” published in The Hindu on 27th April 2022. 

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