India-built Jaffna Cultural Centre awaits inauguration

What is the news?

Nearly two years after its construction, the India-funded Jaffna Cultural Centre in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province is still awaiting inauguration.

Built with an Indian grant of $11 million, the center was envisaged as a public space to promote, preserve and foster the cultural heritage of Jaffna and serve as a hub of cultural activities in Sri Lanka.

Why are the issues involved?

– As per the MoU between Indian and Sri Lankan governments in 2014 the Centre was to be managed by the local municipal authority, and not the Central Government in Colombo. Presently, questions are being raised about the funding capacity of Municipal Council to run the center.

– Attempts are also being made to hand over the administration of the center to the Army.

What steps have been taken by India?

In order to prevent the Sri Lankan Army from taking over the management of the center, India has pledged to absorb administrative costs for five years came

Source: This post is based on the article “India-built Jaffna Cultural Centre awaits inauguration” published in The Hindu on 19th Nov 2021.

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