India for Israel, says Modi; force against bad: Netanyahu: 

India for Israel, says Modi; force against bad: Netanyahu: 

India, Israel to set up $40 mn research fund: (The Hindu)

Both the above issues have been covered in the following summary

India – Israel flourishing friendship


  • India and Israel announced a strategic partnership and signed seven water agreements in the fields of water, agriculture, space and a $40 million joint fund for research and development in innovation.

New turn of events

  •  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called the India-Israel partnership a force for “good against bad.”
  •  They had tasked special committees to implement the seven agreements between them by January 1 next year, and Mr. Netanyahu accepted Mr. Modi’s invitation to visit India.

Defence and Terrorism

  • Agreements on security issues were prominent in the talks, and officials discussed the possibility of “joint development of defence products, including the transfer of technology from Israel.
  • The took a stand on taking strong measures against terrorists, terror organizations’, their networks and all those who encourage, support and finance terrorism, or provide sanctuary to terrorists and terror groups.
  •  They also underscored the need to “ensure that terrorist organizations’ do not get access to any WMD [weapon of mass destruction] or technologies.”
  •  The Veiled references were made to Pakistan and Iran, both of which are nuclear-capable powers.

Water Conservation

  • Two agreements were signed in the field of water deal with the “increasing awareness” of the need for water conservation.
  •  A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Israeli Water Ministry and the Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam Board.

Other important linkages

  • Three MoUs on space cooperation included one for Electric Propulsion for Small Satellites, and for the development of an optical link as well as cooperation on atomic clocks.
  •  The fund for research and development, called the “I4F” or India Israel Industrial Innovation Fund, will see both governments contribute $20 million to help research scholars manufacture their inventions easily.
  •  The two sides also agreed to increase air linkages between the two countries, with Air India expected to commence flights to Tel Aviv.
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