India Israel ties no longer just a close friendship

News: India and Israel are going to celebrate 30 years of diplomatic relations in the year 2022. India has described its relationship with Israel as a multifaceted strategic partnership, which now includes negotiations on a free trade agreement as well. 

What are the various areas of cooperation b/w India and Israel? 

Technology: Israel is the Start-Up Nation and India is one of the world leader in technology so both the nations have a lot to gain from technological cooperation. 

Israel has also opened a consulate in Bengaluru, the hi-tech capital of India.  

Cooperation in green energy can further strengthen India and Israel’s positions as leaders in the global fight against climate change. To further cooperation in green energy Israel has also joined ISA (International solar alliance) 

Health: During the COVID pandemic, both the countries cooperated in research, and exchanged both assistance and medical equipment. Both countries also reached an agreement for mutual recognition of vaccine certificates. 

Geopolitical: India is one of Israel’s major partners in the Indo-Pacific region. 

It has many important interests in the Indo-Pacific, which include overcoming the global pandemic, fighting terrorism, expanding trade and addressing the threat posed by climate change. 

Human resources: There are a lot of Indian students who choose Israel for higher studies, they also influence relationship by being a bridge in the form of diaspora.

Agriculture: Israel has been a leader in sustainable agriculture practices, India can learn a lot of from cooperating with Israel on agriculture and water resources management. 

Defence: Israel has been one of the India’s top four arms supplier apart from US, Russia, France.  

The relation has been further strengthened by the launch of new QUAD economic forum between India, Israel, US, UAE.  

Source: This post is based on the article “India Israel ties no longer just a close friendship” published in Times of India on 27th Dec 2021.

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