India jumps 2 spots higher and now ranks 8th as per Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI, 2023)

Source: The post is based on the articleIndia jumps 2 spots higher and now ranks 8th as per Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI, 2023)published in PIB on 22nd November 2022.

What is the News?

The Climate Change Performance Index 2023 has been released.

What is the Climate Change Performance Index?

Released by: German Watch, New Climate Institute and Climate Action Network International based in Germany. 

Published since: 2005

Aim: To enhance transparency in international climate politics and enable comparison of climate protection efforts and progress made by individual countries.

Parameters: CCPI assesses each country’s performance in four categories: GHG Emissions (40% of the overall ranking), Renewable Energy (20%), Energy Use (20%) and Climate Policy (20%).

What are the key findings of the index related to India?

Ranking: ​​India has been ranked 8th amongst a group of 59 countries and the European Union. It has risen two spots since last year.

Denmark, Sweden, Chile and Morocco were the only four small countries that were ranked above India as 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th respectively. The first, second and third ranks were not awarded to any country. 

In effect, therefore, India’s rank is the best among all large economies.

Observations: India earned a high rating in the GHG Emissions and Energy Use categories, while a medium for Climate Policy and Renewable Energy. 

The aggressive policies of India towards rapid deployment of renewables and robust framework for energy efficiency programs have shown considerable impact. 

As per the Index, India is on track to meet its 2030 emissions targets (compatible with a well-below- 2°C scenario).

Significance: The ranking given by CCPI places India as the only G-20 country in the top 10 ranks.

India will now be assuming G-20 Presidency, and it will be an opportune time to show the world about its climate mitigation policies. Such as the deployment of renewable sources of energy and other energy transition programmes.

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