India marks one year of launch of National Logistics Policy

Source: The post is based on the article India marks one year of launch of National Logistics Policy”  published in PIB on 14th September 2023

What is the News?

India has marked one year of the National Logistics Policy on September 17, 2023.

This policy complements the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan (NMP) ,

What is the National Logistics Policy?

Aim: To drive economic growth and business competitiveness of the country through an integrated, seamless, efficient, reliable, green, sustainable and cost-effective logistics network by leveraging best in class technology, processes and skilled manpower.

Targets: (1) Reduce cost of logistics in India (2) improve the Logistics Performance Index ranking – endeavor is to be among top 25 countries by 2030 and (3) create data driven decision support mechanism for an efficient logistics ecosystem.

Action Plan: To achieve these targets, a Comprehensive Logistics Action Plan (CLAP) was launched covering eight action areas.

– These eight areas include: (1) Integrated Digital Logistics Systems; (2) Standardization of Physical Assets and Benchmarking of Service Quality Standards; (3) Logistics Human Resource Development and Capacity Building; (4) State engagement; (5) EXIM Logistics; (6) Services Improvement Framework; (7) Sectoral Plans for Efficient Logistics (SPEL) and (8) Facilitation of Development of Logistics Parks.

What is the progress on the implementation of the National Logistics Policy?

Unified Logistics Interface Platform(ULIP)

Logistics Data Bank (LDB): It is an application that tracks and traces EXIM cargo.It brings greater predictability, transparency and reliability, logistics cost will come down and wastages in supply chain will reduce.

Logistics Performance Index 2023

State Logistics Policy: To bring holistic focus on ‘logistics’ in public policy at State level, States/UTs are developing State Logistics Plans (SLPs) aligned with NLP.So far, 22 States have notified their respective State Logistics policies.

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