India scores 46th rank in the Global Innovation Index 2021

What is the News?

The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2021 has been released.

What is the Global Innovation Index?

The Global Innovation Index is published by the ​​World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in partnership with the Portulans Institute and with the support of corporate network partners.

Objective: The index ranks 132 world economies according to their innovation capabilities.

Indicators used: The index ranks countries based on roughly 80 indicators which are based on the following parameters: Institutions, Human capital and research, Infrastructure, Credit, Investment, Linkages, Creation, Absorption and Diffusion of knowledge and Creative outputs.

What are the key findings of the Global Innovation Index 2021?
Key findings related to India
Global Innovation Index
Source: PIB

India has been ranked 46th in the Global Innovation Index 2021 rankings. It was ranked at 48th in 2020.

India has been on a rising trajectory over the past several years in the Index, from a rank of 81 in 2015 to 46 in 2021.

Graduates in science and engineering disciplines and global corporate research and development investors are India’s strengths.

Other Key findings
Global Innovation Index
Source: Business Standard

Switzerland has topped the index. It was followed by Sweden, the US and the UK.

Among Asian economies, South Korea jumped to the fifth position, up from 10 last year. China was in the 12th position.

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