India should secure infrastructure against cyberthreats:

India should secure infrastructure against cyberthreats:


India needs to worry about terror groups attacking critical infrastructure such as power plants, telecom and banking systems.


Like every other country, securing critical infrastructure is most important: power plants, power grids, water supplies and transportation.

  • Kaspersky work regularly with the Indian government and signed an MoU with the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) last year
  • Kaspersky exchanges information about the latest threats, and was able to share information about the last WannaCry attack in real time.

Innovation and Literacy should go hand-in-hand

  • It is not possible to stop innovation, and not possible to stop countries like India from growing and improving lives through Internet, smart cities and other projects. But if these are done in non-secure ways, they will become targets.
  • Cybersecurity must be incorporated in projects here right at the beginning, not at the end, or you will have a weak foundation that is vulnerable to cyberattacks.
  • Every 40 seconds, a computer connected to the Internet is hacked
  • Today, we see 300,000 new malicious applications or file every day, and malware, that can sabotage your systems have already cost the world 430 billion dollars.
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