India starts exporting GI-certified “Jalgaon banana” to Dubai

What is the News?

In a major boost to India’s exports of Geographical Indications(GI) certified agricultural produce, a consignment of fibre and mineral-rich ‘Jalgaon Banana’ has been shipped to Dubai.

About Jalgaon Banana:
  • Jalgaon is known as the ‘banana hub’ of Maharashtra. It accounts for about 50% of the State’s banana plantation.
  • In 2016, the Jalgaon Banana got the Geographical Indication(GI) Tag certification.
  • The quality of Banana from the Jalgaon is different because of the proximity to the Tapi river.
  • The minerals and fibres in the Jalgaon Banana lend it a unique quality, which makes the Jalgaon soil unique for banana cultivation.
Banana Cultivation in India:
  • India is the world’s leading producer of bananas, with a share of around 25% in total output.
  • States: Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh contribute more than 70% of the country’s banana production.
  • Export of Banana: Despite being a leading producer of banana, India’s share is just 0.1% in the export market.
    • India’s banana exports grew both in terms of volume as well as value from 1.34 lakh metric tonne in 2018-19 to 1.95 lakh metric tonne in 2019-20
    • Moreover, India’s banana export has been rising sharply recently because of the adoption of farm practices in line with global standards.

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Source: PIB

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