India steps up agro-diplomacy with China

India steps up agro-diplomacy with China


  1. The article discusses about the new possibilities of enhancing Sino-India trade ties in lieu of trade war between US and China.

Important Facts:

  1. Background about trade war:

3. Areas of pushing Sino-India trade ties:

  • Agri-products:This area is crucial since China would look first at its food security and look for diversifying imports in view of the trade war.
  • Indian food and beverage products: Seminars and road shows being conducted in China to promote them.
  • Indian soya bean: Indian soya bean exports are a priority, especially after the China imposed a 25% levy on U.S. imports.
  • Tea: For example, Assam tea, in particular, has good prospects in China as it blends well with milk-based tea drinks.
  • Sugar: Recently, Indian Sugar Mills Association had signed its first sugar export contract of 50,000 tonnes with China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation,(COFCO).
  • Indian rice: China has also opened up imports of non-Basmati rice from India recently and China is a lucrative $1.5-$2 billion market for Indian rice. Also, 24 India-based rice mills have also been opened in China recently.
  1. Concerns:
  • Despite signs of incremental progress, India’s $63-billion trade imbalance with China is alarming.
  • The pharmaceuticals, information technology services and tourism, in which India has a significant global footprint, had a “minuscule presence” in China.
  • India had also raised the red flag about its adverse trade balance during China’s trade policy review at the WTO, specifically citing hindrances that Indian exporters of rice, meat, pharmaceuticals and IT products were encountering to access the Chinese market.


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