India successfully conducts tests of Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM)

Source: The Indian Express

News: India has successfully conducted the first launch of the Army version of the Medium Range Surface to Air Missile(MRSAM).An unmanned air vehicle(UAV), ‘Banshee’, was first flown into the air which was hit by the MRSAM.


  • MRSAM: It is an Air and Missile Defence system developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in collaboration with the Israel Aerospace Industry(IAI).
  • Purpose: It has been developed to neutralise airborne threats like jets, missiles and rockets, including projectiles launched simultaneously.
  • Key Features:
    • The Missile consists of a command and control post, multi-function radar and mobile launcher system.
    • It has a strike range of nearly 100 km, weighs around 2.7 tonne and can carry a payload of 60 kg.
    • The missile has a speed of Mach 2 and possesses high degrees of maneuverability at the target interception range.
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