India successfully launches Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo System

What is the News?

India has successfully test-fired a long-range Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo(SMART) from Wheeler Island in Odisha.

What is the SMART System?

Torpedoes, self-propelled weapons that travel underwater to hit a target, are limited by their range. To overcome that, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed the SMART system.

This SMART system comprises a mechanism by which the torpedo is launched from a supersonic missile system with modifications that would take the torpedo to a far longer range than its own. 

For example, a torpedo with a range of a few kilometres can be sent a distance to the tune of 1000 km by the missile system from where the torpedo is launched.

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Features of SMART System

Firstly, it is a canister-based missile system.​​ Canisterisation of missiles reduces the time required to launch the missile while improving its storage and mobility.

Secondly, it consists of advanced technologies viz. two-stage solid propulsion, electro-mechanical actuators and precision inertial navigation.

Significance of SMART System

This will enhance the anti-submarine warfare capability of the Indian Navy far beyond the conventional range of the torpedo. 

Moreover, this will promote self-reliance in defence, harnessing of expertise and capabilities.

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