‘India third most vulnerable country to cyber threats

‘India third most vulnerable country to cyber threats

What has happened?

India emerged as the third most vulnerable country in terms of risk of cyber threats, such as malware, spam and ransomware, in 2017, moving up one place over previous year, according to a report by security solutions provider Symantec

Report: Internet Security Threat Report

  • Metrics: The global threat ranking is based on eight metrics — malware, spam, phishing, bots, network attacks, web attacks, ransomware and cryptominers.
  • India’s ranking: India continues to be second most impacted by spam and bots, third most impacted by network attacks, and fourth most impacted by ransomware.
  • Cryptojacking: Cryptojacking is a rising threat to cyber and personal security

Coinmining increased

The coin mining gold rush resulted in an 8,500% increase in detections of coinminers on endpoint computers during the final quarter of 2017

Impact of Coinmining

  • While the immediate impact of coin mining is typically performance related — slowing down devices, overheating batteries and in some cases, rendering devices unusable— there are broader implications, particularly for organisations.
  • Corporate networks are at risk of shutdown from coinminers aggressively propagated across their environment
  • There may also be financial implications for organisations who get billed for cloud CPU usage by coinminers
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