India to conduct major ‘Sea Vigil’ coastal defence exercise

Source: The post is based on the article “India to conduct major ‘Sea Vigil’ coastal defence exercise” published in PIB on 15th November 2022

What is the News?

The third edition of the ‘Pan-India’ Coastal Defence Exercise ‘Sea Vigil-22’ will be conducted.

What is Exercise Sea Vigil?

Exercise Sea Vigil is a Coastal Defence Exercise conceptualized in 2018 to validate various measures that have been instituted towards enhancing maritime security since ‘26/11’. 

The exercise will be undertaken along the entire 7516 km coastline and Exclusive Economic Zone of India.

Participators: All the Coastal States and Union territories along with other maritime stakeholders.

Objective: To provide a realistic assessment of India’s strengths and weaknesses and thus will help in further strengthening Maritime and National Security.

Conducted by: Indian Navy in coordination with the Coast Guard and other ministries entrusted with the task of maritime activities.

Significance: The exercise is a build-up towards the major Theatre Level Readiness Operational Exercise (TROPEX), which the Indian Navy conducts every two years.

Note: Sea Vigil and TROPEX together will cover the entire spectrum of Maritime Security challenges.

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