India-U.S. Strategic Trade Dialogue: India, U.S. review export control regulations

Source: The post is based on the article “India, U.S. review export control regulations’” published in The Hindu on 8th June 2023

What is the News?

At the inaugural India-U.S. Strategic Trade Dialogue (IUSSTD), India and the U.S. pledged to streamline their export control regimes for critical technologies.

About India-U.S. Strategic Trade Dialogue (IUSSTD)

Launched in: The new dialogue mechanism was launched during the US commerce secretary’s visit to New Delhi in March.

Need: It represents a key institutional innovation to unlock the potential of high-tech trade between the two countries envisaged as a part of the initiative on critical and emerging technologies (ICET).

What are the key discussions held during the inaugural IUSSTD?

IUSSTD focused on ways in which both governments can facilitate the development and trade of technologies in critical domains such as semiconductors, space, telecom, quantum, AI, defence, bio-tech and others.

Both sides reviewed the relevant bilateral export control regulations with the objective of building and diversifying resilient supply chains for these strategic technologies.

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