Indian Army Inaugurates First-ever Two Storey 3-D Printing Dwelling Unit At Ahmedabad

Source: The post is based on the article “Indian Army Inaugurates First-ever Two Storey 3-D Printing Dwelling Unit At Ahmedabad” published in PIB on 29th December 2022

What is the News?

The Indian Army has inaugurated its first 3-D Printed House Dwelling Unit (with Ground plus One configuration) for soldiers at Ahmedabad Cantt.

About the first 3-D Printed House Dwelling Unit of Indian Army:

Constructed by: Military Engineering Services (MES) in collaboration with MiCoB Pvt Ltd 

Technique used: The technique utilizes a concrete 3D printer that accepts a computerized three-dimensional design and fabricates a 3-D structure in a layer-by-layer manner by extruding a specialized type of concrete specifically designed for the purpose.

Significance: Indian Army units have already applied 3D printing technology in construction of pre-casted permanent defences and overhead protection meant for operations. 

– These 3D structures are currently being validated over a period of one year and can be seen being incorporated in all terrains, the recent being in the UT of Ladakh.

Why is the Indian Army using 3D printing technology?

The 3D printing technology is able to withstand blasts and can be erected within 36 to 48 hours.They can also be relocated from one place to another. 

Further, the 3D printing technology can also help save time and cut the cost compared to what is needed in the construction of conventional units, like a bunker or a habitat for troops.

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