Indian Army procures Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems from a start up

Source: The post is based on the article “Indian Army procures Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems from a start up” published in The Hindu on 18th March 2023

What is the News?

The Indian Army has placed its first order for Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems(IMCS) for Mechanised Forces with an Indian start-up Hyper Stealth Technologies Private Limited. 

This is the first-ever procurement order of an Innovations for Defence Excellence(iDEX) project by the Indian Army. 

What is Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems(IMCS)?

Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems (IMCS) is a technology to improve camouflage (hiding) capabilities for military vehicles and personnel. 

The IMCS system uses a network of sensors, cameras, and screens to create an adaptive camouflage system that blends in with the environment.

The system consists of several key components including a network of sensors that detect the surrounding environment and capture images in real time. 

These images are then processed by a computer system, which analyzes the data and generates a colour and texture pattern that mimics the surrounding environment.

The IMCS system then uses a network of screens and projectors to display the camouflage pattern on the surface of the vehicle or the soldier’s uniform, providing them with enhanced concealment in the field. 

The system is also able to adapt to changes in the environment, such as changes in lighting or weather conditions, to ensure that the camouflage remains effective.

Significance: The IMCS technology has the potential to significantly enhance the survivability of military personnel and vehicles on the battlefield, by reducing their visibility and increasing their ability to remain concealed from enemy detection. 

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