Indian Diaspora in US and its Impacts on India- US Relations

Synopsis: The stature of the Indian diaspora in the US is growing. It will have a significant impact on India-US relations.

Significance of Indian Diaspora in the US

  • Indian-Americans are the second-largest immigrant community in the US(4 million-plus).
  • They are considered as one of the most influential groups in the US. and they have played a key role in transforming the relations. For example, the U.S. signing the civil nuclear deal.
  • In addition, many American Indians have entered into the administration and the US congress.
  • Yet, over the past years, there has been a divergence in the preference of the community especially the second generation of American Indians. They have become more Americanised.

How the attitude changes of Indian-Americans is affecting India-US relations?

  1. First, the second generation of American Indians has their own assessment of developments in India. For example, Government steps on Farmers protest in India was criticized by many American- Indian citizens.
  2. Second, the India caucus (A caucus is a meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party) with the Indian Ambassador to the United States offers an insight into the changing attitude of the Indian-American community.
      • For example, the caucus with representatives from the Indian-American community urged the Government of India to make sure that the norms of democracy are maintained.
      • Also, they stated that protesters shall be allowed to protest peacefully with access to the Internet and journalists.
  3. Third, notably, the External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar cancelled the engagement with the top leadership of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee congress in December 2019.
      • This was due to the presence of Ms. Jayapal (Democrat, Indian-American) who voiced against the Indian government clampdown in Kashmir.


India-U.S.-Parliamentary Exchange for formal and reciprocal visits by parliamentarians should be established. It was expressed in the India-U.S. 2+2 meeting, in October 2019, it will help to solve the above issues.

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