Indian football has Vision 2047 but does it have the legs?

Source: The post is based on the article “Indian football has Vision 2047 but does it have the legs?” published in Hindustan Times on 11th January 2023

What is the News?

The All India Football Federation(AIFF) has unveiled its strategic roadmap titled ‘Vision 2047’. The plan hopes that in the country’s centenary year of independence, India will emerge as a new powerhouse of Asian football.

AIFF has broken down ‘Vision 2047’ into six four-year strategic plans. The first of these will look to cover the period till 2026.

What are the key features of AIFF Vision 2047?

National Football Philosophy: The national football philosophy of India would be based on collecting data from scouting, creating a technical curriculum, focusing on coach and player development and hoping it would translate into a talent pool for the national team.

– As part of this, the AIFF will develop the Coach Education Program to improve the quality of football at all levels of the ecosystem.

Top Footballing nation in Asia: The roadmap envisions India to be among the top four footballing nations in Asia, host one of the top leagues in Asia, and create a vibrant footballing ecosystem.

Village Grassroots Programmes: AIFF aims to implement village grassroots programmes to reach 35 million children across 100 villages throughout India and also aim to register 1 million registered players and provide football education to 25 million children through Football for Schools.

Increase Women Participation: A four-level league table pyramid will be created for women’s football by 2026 with the top of the pyramid to be occupied by the Indian Women’s League (featuring 10 teams), followed by the 2nd Division (8 teams). 

– AIFF has also targeted a minimum of 20 states to implement the new women’s youth structures by 2027.

Football infrastructure: The AIFF will improve infrastructure by putting in place policy interventions that will incentivise government authorities, football clubs, corporates, and private investors to invest in infrastructure.

What is the All India Football Federation (AIFF)?

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) is the national governing body of football in India. It is a member of FIFA, the international governing body of football and affiliated with the Asian Football Confederation.

It is affiliated to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and is a member of the South Asian Football Federation. 

The AIFF manages, sanctions, conducts, schedules and runs all national-level football tournaments and leagues in India, including major tournaments Indian Super League, I-League and Super Cup. 

The federation is currently based in Delhi. 


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