Indian Navy hosts “Goa Maritime Symposium-2021”

What is the News?

Recently, the Indian Navy virtually hosted the Goa Maritime Symposium-2021.

About Goa Maritime Symposium:

  • Firstly, the Indian Navy, under the aegis of Naval War College, Goa, hosted the Maritime Symposium-2021.
  • Secondly, Objective: It aims to build capacity amongst the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) Navies to tackle emerging common maritime threats.
  • Thirdly, Participating countries: Naval representatives from 13 Indian Ocean Littoral countries participated.
    • These include India, Bangladesh, Comoros, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Myanmar, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
  • Fourthly, Theme: Maritime Security and Emerging Non-Traditional Threats: A Case for Proactive Role for IOR Navies.
Indian Ocean:
  • The Indian Ocean is the third-largest of the world’s oceanic divisions, covering 19.8% of the water on Earth’s surface.
  • It is bounded by Asia to the north, Africa to the west and Australia to the east.
  • The Indian Ocean has some large marginal or regional seas such as the Arabian Sea, the Laccadive Sea, the Somali Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Andaman Sea.

Source: PIB


GOA Infra Project Red Flagged- Key Findings and Recommendation by the CEC Panel

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