Indian Navy’s Maiden Exercise with Algerian Navy

Source: This post is based on the Article “Indian Navy’s Maiden Exercise with Algerian Navy” published in “PIB” on 31st August 2021.

What is the News?

The Indian Navy has carried out a maiden maritime exercise with the Algerian Navy.

India-Algeria Maritime Exercise:
  1. Indian Naval Ship(INS) Tabar took part in a maritime partnership exercise with an Algerian Navy ship.
  2. As part of the exercise, diverse activities including coordinated manoeuvring, communication procedures were undertaken between the Indian and Algerian warships.
  3. Hence, the exercise enabled the two navies to understand the concept of operations followed by each other, enhanced interoperability and opened the possibility of increasing interaction and collaboration between the countries in the future.
About India-Algeria Relations:

  1. Algeria is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. It is the largest country by total area in Africa.
  2. The diplomatic relations between India and Algeria were established in 1962, the year Algeria gained independence from French colonial rule. 
  3. India and Algeria are both parts of the Non-Aligned Movement. As a member of the African Union, Algeria supports India’s candidacy for a permanent seat in a reformed Security Council.
  4. India had provided Algeria with US$1 million as humanitarian aid for the victims of the earthquake which struck Algeria in 2003. 
  5. Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) launched the Satellite Alsat 2A of Algeria into orbit in 2010.
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