Indian Oil unveils indoor solar cooking stove ‘Surya Nutan’

What is the News?

Indian Oil Corporation Limited has developed an indoor solar cooking stove named Surya Nutan. 

What is Surya Nutan?

Surya Nutan is a stationary, rechargeable and always a kitchen-connected indoor solar cooking system.

Developed by: Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Features: The stove works in a hybrid mode and is capable of running both on solar and an auxiliary energy source simultaneously. This makes it a reliable cooking solution for all weather conditions.

In solar mode, the stove collects energy from the sun, converts it into heat through a specially designed heating element, stores thermal energy in a scientifically proven thermal battery and reconverts the energy for use in indoor cooking. The energy captured not just covers the daytime cooking needs of a family of four but also the night meal.

Significance: The stove can help to cut down gas consumption and also helps ensure high utilization of energy from the sun.

Source: The post is based on the article “Indian Oil unveils indoor solar cooking stove ‘Surya Nutan’” published in Economic Times on 22nd June 2022.

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