Indians received the biggest share of U.K. work visas: report

Source: The post is based on the article “Indians received the biggest share of U.K. work visas: report” published in The Hindu on 26th November.

What is the News?

According to the British High Commission in India, Indian nationals continued to be the top nationality to be granted ‘worker’ visas from the UK.

Increased mobility and Migration of Indians to the UK
Mobility and Migration of Indians to the UK
Source: The Hindu

Work Related visas: Indian nationals received the largest number — 39% — of the total work-related visas granted by the United Kingdom for the year ending September 2022.

– Of the total (1,45,000+) work-related visas issued by the U.K, Indians received 56,042, a jump of 90% in comparison to the pre-pandemic figure of 29,552 in 2019.

– The sharp rise in the demand for work visas is being explained by the post-pandemic recovery, which has settled in most of the major economies across the world. 

Skilled Worker visas: Indians also featured in the top three nationalities that were granted ‘Skilled Worker’ visas from the U.K. 

Student visas: The U.K granted 1,27,731 student visas to Indian nationals, marking an increase of 93,470 from the 34,261 visas granted in 2019.

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