Indo-Kazakhstan Joint Military Exercise “Kazind – 2022” to Commence at Umroi (Meghalaya)

Source: The post is based on the articleIndo-Kazakhstan Joint Military Exercise “Kazind – 2022” to Commence at Umroi (Meghalaya)published in PIB on 14th December 2022

What is the News?

The 6th Edition of India – Kazakhstan joint training exercise “KAZIND-22” is scheduled to be conducted at Umroi (Meghalaya).

What is Exercise KAZIND?

Exercise KAZIND is an annual bilateral military exercise between India and Kazakhstan.

Started in: This exercise was instituted in 2016 as Exercise Prabal Dostyk which was later upgraded to a company-level exercise and renamed as Ex Kazind in 2018.

Aim: To build positive military relations, imbibe each other’s best practices and promote the ability to operate together while undertaking counter-terrorist operations in semi-urban / jungle scenarios, under a UN peace enforcement mandate.

Significance: The exercise will enhance the level of defence cooperation between the Indian Army and the Kazakhstan Army which will further foster the bilateral relations between the two nations.

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