Source: The post is based on the article INDO-PACIFIC REGIONAL DIALOGUE 2022(IPRD) published in PIB on 23rd November.

What is the News?

Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD) is scheduled to be held from 23 to 25 November 2022.

What is Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue(IPRD)?

IPRD is an apex-level international annual conference of the Indian Navy.

Organized by: National Maritime Foundation(NMF) 

Note: NMF was established in 2005. It is the nation’s sole maritime think-tank that concentrates upon the entire gamut of activities relevant to India’s maritime interests and has gained significant international traction for the conduct of independent, original and policy-relevant research on all ‘matters maritime’. 

Purpose: It is an annual international conference that seeks to foster an exchange of ideas and promote deliberations on maritime issues relevant to the Indo-Pacific.

Theme of 2022: ‘Operationalising the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative (IPOI)’

What is the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative(IPOI)?

The Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative(IPOI) was articulated by the Indian Prime Minister at the 14th East Asia Summit (EAS) in 2019. 

It is a comprehensive and inclusive construct for regional cooperation that is focused on seven interconnected spokes or pillars: 1) Maritime Security, 2) Maritime Ecology, 3) Maritime Resources, 4) Disaster Risk-reduction and Management, 5) Trade-Connectivity and Maritime Transport, 6) Capacity-building and Resource sharing and 7) Science, Technology and Academic Cooperation.

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