Influencing Factors used in the study

1. The cost of Vehicle Ownership – Acquisition and running cost of a motorised vehicle.
2. Fuel Costs – Retail price of fuel at the gas station.
3. Domestic Oil production – The oil in direct access to a nation within its political boundary
4. Ratio of road capacity to road demand – An indicator of Road supply
5. Ratio of transit capacity and transit demand – An indicator of transit supply6. Workforce participation (by gender) – Participation in economic activity by gender.
7. Age Structure of population – Demographic indicator of distribution of population by age

8. The level of Urbanisation – The strength of population in urban centres compared to rural areas.

9. Urbanisation density – The population density in urban areas.

10. Industrial Policy – Policies related to transport related Industries.
11. Cultural Values – Cultural aspects pertaining to choices made involving mobility

12. Land use – The Spatial dispersion that affects mobility

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