Internal Pages for ForumIAS Team Use

There are some pages that are not linked from the homepage, and are for our internal purpose.

All such pages are listed here so that we are able to have an index of all pages, and do not lose those pages.

When you create a Page for any specific purpose, you must list it here for the team’s convenience.

Guidelines for content writers

  1. Guidelines for Content Writers

Email Blogs  to be sent to those who subscribe to MGP 2017

  1. Welcome to Mains Guidance Program 2017.
  2. How it works
  3. Create an account on ForumIAS Academy
  4. How to prepare Ethics Paper?
  5. How to prepare topics of GS Paper 1?
  6. How to prepare GS Paper 2?
  7. How to prepare GS Paper 3?
  8. How to follow a good structure for answer writing?
  9. How to write a good introduction?
  10. How to enrich your answers?
  11. How and when to see Mentor support?
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