Interpol’s “ID-Art App” to help protect cultural property

What is the News?

INTERPOL has launched an app called ‘ID-Art’ to protect cultural heritage better.

About ‘ID-Art’ App:
  • ID-Art’ App aims to help identify the stolen cultural property, and reduce smuggling. The app will also increase the possibility of recovering stolen works and artefacts.
Key Features of the App:
  • INTERPOL’s database: The app enables users to get mobile access to the Interpol database of stolen works of art. Further, the user can be a law enforcement agency or a general public
  • Create an inventory: The app allows museums and private collectors to capture images and record features of their works of art on the App. This will also help to keep track of their collections.
  • Stolen Works of Art Database: More than 52,000 items registered as stolen in Interpol’s “Stolen Works of Art” database. The app allows users to immediately cross-check an object among the database.
  • Document Heritage Sites: The app allows persons on the front line of protecting heritage to document the state of heritage sites. They can document also the historical monuments and archaeological sites.
  • Record Geographical Location of a Heritage Site: The ‘ID-Art app enables users to record the geographical location, a detailed description and images in order to capture the condition of a heritage site. This will result in the creation of ‘Site Cards’. These ‘site cards’ can be used as evidence or basis for reconstruction if ever the site is looted or destroyed.

Source: The Hindu


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