Interview Guidance Session by ForumIAS | Ayush Sinha @5PM

Dear Friends,

It’s been more than a month since the Mains have gotten over. At this point, it is time we take the first steps towards basic interview preparation.

Fortune does not favour the brave, it favours the prepared man.

This Sunday, in New Delhi at 5PM, we shall be gathering in New Delhi with an agenda as below

  • How to begin preparing for the Personality Test?
  • How to make most of the time during the next 2-3 months?
  • How to prepare Home State and DAF / hobbies?
  • What does it take to score good marks in Personality Test?
  • Why do people score less in the Personality Test.

Those of us who have written the Mains, must attend the session in offline mode, even if they are NOT expecting an Interview call.

Every year, for some reason, those of us who do not expect an Interview call, often get it.

And those of us, who are not prepared for it, often get their interview in the first week.

This Sunday, let us gather in New Delhi at the below venue if you have written Mains this year.

Even if you are not expecting an Interview.

More so, if you have appeared for the Personality Test and gotten a low score.

Venue: ForumIAS Offline Guidance Center, 2nd Floor IAPL Tower #19, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

If you know someone as above, do forward this email to them.

Register below now to attend the session in offline mode.

Students who have already filled the Early Bird Form are hereby informed that this registration form is required to be filled, only to reserve their seats for the session in offline mode to be conducted on Sunday, 13th November.

The session will be taken by Ayush Sinha, Founder, ForumIAS.

Your friends@ForumIAS

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