[UPSC Interview Transcript #63]: Sathiyavathy Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Geography Optional, Included Teaching underprivileged children, reading Hindi poetry Hobbies

Interview Date: 25 Feb, Afternoon, 1st to go
Board: Sathiyavathy
Background: B. Tech in Electronics Engg.
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Optional: Geography
Employee: 1.5 years in an MNC dealing with mobile chipsets.
Hobbies: Included Teaching underprivileged children, reading Hindi poetry,


  1. Is this your photo? I nodded yes.
  2. She kept reading aloud my DAF including my school subjects, college, job, hobbies, etc.
  3. what were you doing for 9 months before joining your job? (Politely told that it was campus
  4. placement with late joining date)
  1. what were you doing since 2016 after resigning?
  2. what do you think is the reason that government schools are not able to teach children properly?
  3. where were you teaching underprivileged children?
  4. what changes did you bring to make them understand concepts better?
  5. Did you try to change teaching methodology of the school teachers as well by talking to those teachers?
  6. what is this bal shree award (mentioned in achievement at the school level)? In which category did you participate?
  7. why did you get child scientist award(mentioned in DAF)? What projects did you make in school?

Member 1

  1. Why are glaciers melting? Its impact on rivers.
  2. Apart from high debt, what are the reasons that farmer suicides happen in our country? (Used the
  3. Word natural calamity once which was interjected later by Member 3)
  4. If you are DM of a district, what measures will you take to improve Water table and reduce water wastage?
  5. How are fold mountains formed?
  6. Are Himalayas young or old mountains?

Member 2

  1. For how many years did you teach those underprivileged children in your college days?
  2. Name the villages whose children came to study there. Were they rural villages?
  3. Did the DM and District Education Officer know about your initiative?
  4. If you are made SDM/DM in Sultanpur, what will be your 1st two priorities?

Member 3

  1. How far has Ganga become clean? Or it is still in the same pathetic condition?
  2. Name the things for which Allahabad is known for?
  3. What is kumbh? When does Mahakumbh takes place?
  4. You told national calamity while replying to M1 (I politely told that it was natural calamity, not national calamity)
  5. Ok, so what is a natural calamity? Is there any empirical number to classify calamities?
  6. Name the legislation that deals with calamities (I told NDMA)
  7. In which year was this act passed?
  8. How to deal with natural disasters administratively?

Member 4

  1. What do you understand by work-life balance? How will you achieve it in your life?
  2. Do you think Parenting has become difficult now compared to yesteryears? Why do you think so?
    Chairman nodded M1 to ask again

Member 1

  1. So your optional is Sociology? CM interjected and I told that it was geography (He left both and moved to Economics ;-))
  2. Why did government need to bring IBC?
  3. What are the provisions of Emergency? Tell me article numbers related to it.
  4. How to stop Australian bushfires?
  5. How far the RTI Act has been able to improve transparency in Governance?
  6. “Swachh Bharat, Sundar Bharat, Swasth bharat”…. How far in your opinion these things have been achieved?

Chariman nodded that your interview is over.

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