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How to start Preparation For UPSC IAS Interview Questions

You have come this far, but are yet to arrive.

Congratulations on having written your Mains and expecting/getting an Interview call. Since 2012, ForumIAS has been built around the idea that folks preparing for the Interview question benefit from the knowledge base, knowledge network, and peer learning that is much needed for the Interview.

If you are looking for an IAS Interview  Question Preparation Guide, you are at the right place.

This page has the most important documents and links that are needed for interview preparation. Go through them – print them – download them – bookmark them – and read them to get started with Interview Preparation.

Important Documents / Blog Posts / Articles for Interview question Preparation.

  1. Overview of the UPSC Interview Process – In this article, we explain how the Interview is conducted. What to wear and what not to wear for the Interview.
  2. Profile of the Board Members of the Civil Services Interview 2021 – This document has the list of expected board members and their profile for the Interview for Civil Services as well as all other examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.
  3. Interview Transcripts 2021 – This Interview Transcript is a compilation of interview submitted by candidates who took the Interview. Find the Interview Transcripts here.
  4. Most Frequently Asked Question / Myths about Interview – You can find the list of most frequently asked questions about the Interview here.
  5. Common Questions Based on Hobby: Hobby and extracurricular activities form an important part of the questions asked by the Interview board. Find the most common questions here.
  6. Common IAS Interview Questions based on Sports: In this article, we list popular sports and the common questions that are asked from it. Click the link to explore questions based on sports.
  7. Common Questions Based on Optional: The Commission often asks basic questions from optional subjects. Here we have compiled common questions from the optional.
  8. Know your State: Questions on Home State are among the most predictable ones that are asked in UPSC IAS Interview. In this article, we list the kind of questions that are asked in the Interview from the Home State.
  9. Reading Interview Transcripts is the first step to understand the kind of questions that are asked in the Interview. Here we have listed all the Interview transcripts  question that have ever existed, since the days interview transcripts were posted!

  10. Important Documents / Blog Posts / Articles for Interview Preparation : This article contains the most important articles, blog posts, documents, and issues for Interview Preparation for CSE 2020

To view all IAS Interview Transcripts, visit this page

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