Personal Invitation : Community Meet 2023 at 10AM on June 3, Saturday in New Delhi + Gaurav Aggarwal

Dear Friends,


This has been a wonderful year for forumias community members


Forum members, usually silent observers such as minus 1, BigChonk, flow, cvraman , stephcurry have secured Ranks 1, 3, 10, 68 in the Civil Services Exam.


More than 600+ folks from the community and academy have made it this year.


This Saturday at 10AM, we assemble to celebrate the success of our friends.


To listen to their failure stories before they became successful.


One of the originals – @crazyphoto – Gaurav Aggrawal, IAS Rank 1, 2013 will be the Chief Guest for the event.


Miss it not.


Before you come, or join us online, register here



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By Neyawn

Neyawn is an anonymous member the founder of ForumIAS. He is a coder Mentor & Teacher by profession, and often writes for ForumIAS. You can buy him coffee , if you really really like his work. He has built ForumIAS - the community - twice. You can say Hi to him or ask him a question on ForumIAS, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn . You can also write to him at RxAxVxI@FOxRUMxIAS.COM ( remove the small "x" from the email ).