Iran deal built on lies, says Pompeo

Iran deal built on lies, says Pompeo

What has happened?

U.S. Secretary of State backs Israel’s claims about Iran’s ‘secret nuclear weapons programme’

Documents as proof presented to US by Israel

According to US Secretary of State: Documents claimed by Israel as proof of Iran’s secret nuclear weapons programme are authentic and the U.S. is assessing the future of the Iran nuclear deal in light of the revelations

What this could mean: JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) in danger

This public endorsement of Israel’s position could be prelude to America’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal later this month

What now?

With the Netanyahu government leaning on him heavily to scrap the agreement, and his key advisers now inclined towards his own instincts, Mr. Trump may be inching closer to what he always wanted to do.

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