ISRO-developed device for fishers’ safety successfully tested at Neendakara

Source: The post is based on the article “ISRO-developed device for fishers’ safety successfully tested at Neendakara”  published in The Hindu on 27th August 2023

What is the News?

ISRO-Space Applications Centre (Ahmedabad) has successfully tested a device called ‘Nabhmitra’.

What is Nabhmitra?

Nabhmitra is a device developed by ISRO-Space Applications Centre (Ahmedabad) for the safety of fishermen.

This device uses satellite communication to allow two-way messaging between boats and authorities at sea.

The authorities can communicate weather and cyclone warnings with the boats.In turn, the fisherman can also send distress messages to the authorities. 

In emergencies like capsizing or fires, fishermen can press a button on the device to contact the control center. 

The control center will receive the alert with the boat’s location and the boat’s crew will receive a response message from the control center.

Apart from providing information about shipping channels and maritime boundaries, the device will also help to identify fishing fields.

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